Brewer's Notes

May 20, 2016

We brewed the second half of a double batch of IPA today in Grants Pass, also did lots of clean up and organizing in GP today. Continued to work on the Bottling line trying to get put back together for next week bottling run, sorry stout drinkers no bottled stout this week until line is back up and running hopefully early next week.

Checked up on the three batches of Vienna Lager in Cave Junction and begin crashing the third batch of Vienna. First batch will be ready in about 3 weeks with consecutive batches following each week so for those Vienna fans we should have a steady supply coming out of Cave Junction through the Summer.   Also started the process of bringing up the Saison yeast in anticipation of brewing a Rye Saison next week.

Back in Grants Pass Dry hopped previous batch of IPA in anticipation of getting it filtered at the end of next, in time for the Memorial Day and Boatnik celebration.

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