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Brewery Tours

Wild River Brewery ToursWild River's two brewing facilities, in Grants Pass and Cave Junction, are located within the same buildings as our restaurants. We welcome you to visit our brewing operations at both locations. While you are here, we invite you to sample our year-round and seasonal beers.

We are open 7 days each week and tours are given as the brewer's time allows.

Our ales are brewed to be noticed. Nothing makes us happier than guests who take the time to talk to us about them. Famed British beer writer Michael Jackson once remarked, "Only in America might one hear a patron ask a bartender, 'Give me a beer.'" Jackson goes on to say, "In Germany or Belgium that would be like a diner asking a waiter to, 'Bring me a plate of food.'" Something to think about!

Beers on tap available year-round start with Harbor Lights K├Âlsch Style, a pale aromatic ale with a dry clean finish. The Nut Brown Ale is a dark brown brew with ruby highlights, semi-sweet and malty with a mild aroma of chocolate and grains. The Extra Special Bitter is a copper-colored English-style ale with a balance of sweet maltiness and hop bitterness. The Double Eagle Imperial Stout is based on an 1880 Whitbread Triple Stout recipe and is deep and dark as a Moscow night. The Bohemian Pilsner is a classic matured on a Czech lager yeast and dry hopped with imported Saaz hops which produces luscious malt and hop flavors. Seasonal ales include a spring Weizen Bock, a summer Blackberry Porter, and a fall Oktoberfest. Snug Harbor Old Ale is made in the late fall and Cave Bear Barley Wine with a fruity bouquet of sweet malt, ample hops, and warming alcohol is brewed up each winter.

The Grants Pass location features a showcase brewery and restaurant. The copper-clad 15 BBL brewhouse fuels 5 fermenting tanks, 4 bright beer tanks, and a bottling line capable of 1800 BBL per year. The original Cave Junction location brews in a 7.5 BBL system. We are open 7 days each week and tours are given as the brewer's time allows.

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